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We operate in a pivotal time in the history of the relationship between man and aquatic life.  Armco is committed to educating: ourselves, our peers, and our customers in the responsibility of the aquarium industry.  We take on a huge responsibility as keepers of aquariums.  This responsibility grows exponentially with every aquarium we create, compounded again when we take on the role of a trusted Aquarium Service Professional.

There is a responsibility to the individual livestock we choose for our tanks, that species of livestock, and to each and every element coexisting in the aquariums which we create.  We must understand and educate ourselves about the delicate balance between the aquarium and its keeper.

Our philosophy guides us in designing, building, and maintaining an artificial habitat causing no unnecessary harm to the marine life or livestock in these environments.  Education and training of our staff and customers is not only important to the responsibility of these environments, but paramount to providing the best possible product.

Armco has just moved into a 3000 foot building located on the heart of Kirkwood Highway. We will have a 1500 sq foot walk in show room and fish room completed in the spring of 2015. And We currently have our 1000 sq foot shop and 500 sq foot offices open. If you would like to come see us we are always available by appointment.

Rich Armandi, President

Age : 42

Hometown : Philadelphia, PA

1st Aquarium : 1985: 30-gallon freshwater community

Current Aquarium : In addition to the over 125 customer aquariums I am responsible for, I keep a 230-gallon reef tank at our headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware.

Favorite Aspect of my Work : I have always been called by the oceans.  I would watch every Jacques Cousteau TV special when I was growing up and, like most Philadelphia kids, my family vacations to the Jersey Shore were a highlight.  I would snorkel in the surf all day long to collect shells.  When I was in college in Las Vegas, Nevada, I learned how to SCUBA dive.  I took trips to southern California and explored Pacific Kelp forests, then to Catalina Island to swim with the inhabitants like Blue Sharks and Garibaldi Fish.  I was hooked and knew I wanted to dedicate my life to the ocean and its creatures.  But, I didn’t know how.  My business has allowed me to follow my dreams and work with these animals on a daily basis.  It has been said that we only protect what we love.  My job is to promote awareness of the beautiful oceans through the creations of aquariums.  Maybe a child who sees one of my aquariums will be inspired to devote his or her life to the aquatic sciences and maybe that child will be instrumental in saving our delicate oceans for the next generations to enjoy.


Kevin Kirby, Jr., Technician

kirbAge : 26

Hometown : Chester, PA

1st Aquarium : 25-gallon freshwater tropical aquarium

Current Aquarium : 55-gallon freshwater tropical aquarium

Favorite Aspect of my Work : I enjoy constantly gaining new knowledge of various fish and corals and getting to share this information with customers.

Enjoy Most about my Job : I get to play with and take care of many types of fish while at the same time meeting new people.

Other Hobbies : In my spare time, I teach Marching Band basics for High School Marching Bands, participate in Drum Corps, and I also enjoy bowling and theatrical musicals.

Favorite Quote : “I yam what I yam,” -Popeye


Stephen Ranson, Technician

IMG_1035Age : 23

Hometown : La Habra, CA

1st Aquarium : 1998: 5 gallon guppy cube

Current Aquarium : Developing ideas for a nano reef tank

Favorite Aspect of my work : My passion for aquatic life began during my early days growing up along the coast of California. This ultimately led me to pursue an education in marine biology, allowing me to study abroad in various coastal locations throughout the world. After acquiring my Master’s degree in marine biology, I joined the Armco Aquatics team, where I could continue to fulfill my passion of working with marine life. I enjoy working with such a diverse group of animals and educating the public on the uniqueness of aquatic life.

Other Hobbies : I enjoy many outdoor activities that range from SCUBA diving to running.


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Our professional technicians and 20 years experience, we guarantee outstanding quality service and commitment to all your aquarium maintenance needs.
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